Sylvester Sessions #66

Sylvester Sessions

Emma wears Cactus flower bathers.

Emma Logan

Wellington, New Zealand

What do you do?

I produce music under the moniker October, eat dumplings and take too many baths.

What are some projects you have been working on recently/ have coming up?

I recently released my debut EP Switchblade in July, and am about to release my newest single!

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Sylvester Sessions #65

Sylvester Sessions

Jenna wears Tiled bomber.

Jenna Owen

Sydney, Australia

Tell us about what you do?

I will probably be working that out forever! At the moment, I’m majoring in Literature and Performance at Sydney University and doing comedy and acting on the side.

How did you get into acting / comedy?

A desperate need for attention probably. I had an agent from a young age but that wasn’t a Dakota Fanning situation. I’m originally from Wollongong, so things kicked off when I signed with Marquee Management and moved to Sydney after high school. I played ‘Shan’ in a short film in 2014 called ‘Shan and Kate’ – directed by Zoe Rae and written and produced by Bronte Jovevski, and I remember how much they just owned any room they were in and I was like, ‘I need to be as funny as these women’. I teamed up with two of my closest friends (Victoria Zerbst and Jess Bush) and formed a sketch group called Freudian Nip. I always feel really giddy after I see them, like I just had a hot date. They are fearless and funny and we have the most riotous times. After we did our first couple shows, this whole world of women and comedy has opened up and I have an epiphany every day about how good comedy is in this city.

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Sylvester Sessions #64

Sylvester Sessions

Sophie wears Slubby poncho.

Sophie Wolanski

Auckland, New Zealand

Tell us about what you do.

I’m a florist, I run a shop called Muck where I curate products and do floristry out of my shop.

When did you first start working with flowers?

About 4 years ago. I was working as a set builder, and then I started assisting a floral stylist. I started taking days off work to work for her, and that's when I realised that something was happening. Finally when I moved to New York I decided to focus just on flowers.

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Sylvester Sessions #63

Sylvester Sessions

Sara wears Crinkle tube dress.

Sara Beygi

Los Angeles, United States.

What do you do?

I'm a rapper and a model.

What made you want to start rapping?

Fun phrases and sentences would randomly come to mind, so I typed them up as notes and saved them. I didn't really plan on doing anything with it at the time, I just thought it would be a good idea to keep them and get some laughs from the ridiculous applesauce that my mind comes up with.

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