Eliza wears Festival Dress.

Eliza wears Festival Dress.

Sylvester Sessions #87

Eliza Wexelman

Girls at Library
Los Angeles, United States.

Tell us about the community surrounding Girls at Library and how it started.

Girls at Library is an online destination for book lovers focused on telling stories of women and the role reading plays in their life. GAL hopes to inspire readers of all kinds with each in depth interview we post. Every single woman featured has a unique take on the ways in which reading has shaped their world, allowing the audience a glimpse into their remarkable inner worlds. This is a tried and true way to discover books that might help, inspire, or thrill you– and that's a huge goal of ours. From architects to artists to poets alike. It has also been really cool that even if the women don’t particularly at the time find themselves reading a lot, it’s the fact that they can relate so many impactful moments to reading. Proving the ability to either write or understand something through writing can be life changing.

The exciting thing about the community surrounding GAL is that it's filled with a variety of women from different walks of life who find commonalities in their passion for literature and creativity. And most importantly, finding inspiration in other women! We have been hosting events to bring people together such as dinners and books swaps but hope to soon expand to a book club and more ways to get involved. The people in this community around literature inspire us as much as the women we interview. Their intelligence and humour and general love for learning always leads us to new ideas, new books, and new authors. We really admire the diversity in perspective and potential for creating a bigger community. 

What are your favourite books to read on a stormy day?

Immediately when I think of a stormy day I think of Daphne Du Maurier’s, Rebecca


Marie Claire

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