Sylvester Sessions #11

Elin wears Sylvester Chevron bathers

Elin wears Sylvester Chevron bathers

Elin Matilda Andersson - 27

Sydney, Australia


I am an illustrator who is also trained in visual communication/graphic design. At the moment I’m freelancing and doing a little bit of both. I was recently invited to submit a series of hand-embroidered illustrations to a pop-up gallery of local artists at the Australian Museum in Sydney. The project awoke an interest in using traditionally female crafts, such as hand-stitching, to create contradictory political images. It is something I am dying to explore further. I’m also experimenting with ceramics and printed textiles. I continuously try to investigate ways to bring together my interest in social change and cultural ideas (especially regarding gender, sexuality & identity) with creativity and design. As a visual person [with an Instagram account] it’s so easy to get caught up in ‘pretty pictures’. I try to fight this impulse as much as I can. A Swedish feminist artist/writer whom I admire a lot recently said that the world is not yet at a state where we can contently sit back and make art that is purely decorative. That sentence really stuck with me. Not saying it is wrong to like cute shit—really, who doesn’t?—or that those things can’t be a positive force, but rather that at a time when the Australian Minister for Women’s Affairs is a wealthy, white, conservative man (for example), there is prime opportunity to focus our joint creative skills on more than just kittens and tea cosies. (If someone reads this with a really good idea of how this can be done, feel free to get in touch!!)


A selection: Marion Fayolle, Ian Stevenson, Marcus Oakley, Sac Magique, JooHee Yoon. I often struggle with perfectionism and I am attracted to the work of these artists because the visual outcome does not seem too calculated, which to me reads almost as an act of rebellion. It is as if they started out with an idea and while they proceeded without controlling the outcome too much, they allowed for something unexplainable and slightly disturbing (but amazing!) to seep into their images. I kind of think that the more absurd and naive your style is, the closer you get to capturing reality.


I am fortunate enough to have some truly extraordinary friends in my life. Hanging out with these girls/guys is probably my favourite thing to do. They make me a better person and keep me from going crazy. Other things I enjoy: bushwalking, swimming, my partner, drawing, travelling, eating, drinking, learning Japanese, visiting the galleries.

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Sylvester Chevron bathers

Photography by Carine Thevenau