Blog: Posts from January 2015

Kate Sylvester Tartt Collection

Donna Tartt writes award winning, intelligent books full of evocative descriptions of clothes. She is also a Vanity Fair best dressed lister, favouring immaculate tailored suits and cravats. Kate Sylvester references both the woman and her books in her Autumn Winter 15 collection, succinctly titled ‘Tartt’.


Sylvester Twin Peaks Collection

Kate Sylvester’s naughty little sister has run away with a Lumberjack. She’s hanging out in Seattle dancing to Nirvana in a plaid shirt dress. She stole a chainsaw and is carving up trees in a lace mesh party frock, rock hopping across flooded rivers and chasing Sasquatch in ivory shimmy-shaker fringing.


BlkonBlk Issue 3

We love the new issue of BlkonBlk wearing our Winter 15 collection Tartt! Styled by the incredible Rachael Churchward.