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Sha'an wears Chevron sweatshirt

Sha'an wears Chevron sweatshirt

Sylvester Sessions #36

Sha'an d'Anthes

Sydney, Australia

When illustrating, what inspires you?

Peripheral inspiration comes before I start the painting, I usually have a detailed image in my head before I begin. While illustrating, things that inspire me are the unexpected and happy accidents that happen during my process, as well as the feeling I get from the music I'm listening to.

What else do you do other than illustration?

In terms of work, I'm a designer at a digital agency 4 days a week. I love it! I design apps, websites and other digital experiences - as well as design I dabble in other things like Art Direction, Creative work, Video and Illustration - we're a small agency so I get to wear a lot of hats. They're both in the creative field, but they're so different and they exercise different creative muscles. I'm able to bring skills that I've learnt from each and apply them in new ways - it's really refreshing.


Lexi wears Combat jacket & Combat skirt

Sylvester Sessions #35

Our Sylvester sessions are back for Summer 15 with our girl, Sophie Blazey touching down in Los Angeles. First up she chats to Lexi Funston about her band, The Paranoyds.

Lexi Funston

Los Angeles, United States

How old are you?


Tell us about your band The Paranoyds?

The three of us all were close friends in high school and have always been playing music together. We used to cram into a friend's laundry room and cover the Violent Femmes and No Doubt, so actually playing our own songs in front of people now is pretty crazy.