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Clara wears Dobby jacket & Dobby skirt.

Clara wears Dobby jacket & Dobby skirt.

Sylvester Sessions #62

Clara Nebeling

Sydney, Australia

What do you do and where are your from?

I take photographs and I am from a small village in Germany.

How did you get into photography?

When I was 8 years old my grandfather gave me his old film camera and I took off and photographed my little sister and my best friend in matching outfits. Unfortunately the camera broke and it took me several years to pick one up again but I still love those photos to this day.


Lana wears Conchita dress.

Lana wears Conchita dress.

Sylvester Sessions #61

Lana Morrison

Auckland, New Zealand.

Tell us about what you do.

I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Elam.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Relax, read magazines, go to brunch, research for my work, annoy my friends and boyfriend. The usual! However I don't really like the term spare time, I think you give your energy where it's needed most at that certain point in time.


Emily wears Crinkle T-shirt.

Emily wears Crinkle T-shirt.

Sylvester Sessions #60

Emily Wells

Los Angeles, United States.

Tell us about what you do?

I’m a writer, I’m working on my first book of fiction and also write arts/culture journalism. I’ve also been a newspaper reporter, model, and ballet dancer — as Susan Sontag once put it, “I wanted every kind of life, and the writer’s life seemed most inclusive."

What are you expressing through your short stories?

I’m very concerned with issues and aesthetics pertaining to the body, femininity, and health. I write a lot about ballet, art, and sex, because those are the ways I have found to live densely, with gravity. Also, I want to explore historical trauma, how grief and ways of being can be unknowingly passed on through generations.



Kate Sylvester Hella Slip in Nude & Tallulah X-back Dress in Champagne.