Sylvester Sessions #71

Billie wears Kimono wrap dress.

Billie wears Kimono wrap dress.

Billie Culy

Haumoana, New Zealand

Tell us about what do you do.

I am an artist, who at the moment works with flowers.

How did your practice working with and photographing flowers come about?

I have always loved flower arranging and was influence by seeing my mum always doing this using flowers from her garden. After I left art school I wanted to make something for myself so decided to capture flower arrangements I was making.

How has your practice evolved over time, have you always worked with the same mediums?

I have always been into painting, and thought this was something I would stick with, but I like the idea of using mediums as tools. That's why I don't like to call myself a photographer, as I am just using it as a tool for something I consider to be more a sculpture or a painting.

What are your main sources of inspiration?

Is it cliche to say nature? I do a lot of walking, and the things I see on the roadside or beach are constantly giving me ideas.

Tell us about some projects you have been involved in recently, I see you are also involved in the food scene?

I am currently working on my show for next year at Parlour Projects. It’s my second show there and I want to develop the idea from my last show. I’m involving a bit of painting which has been a nice change! I have lots of foodie friends and so I have been lucky to help with styling some pop up dinners and events recently.

What are you currently reading/listening to/ watching?

I have been watching the new season of British Grand Designs, so obsessed! I have to say I’m not reading anything at the moment, I have gotten into a habit of listening to podcasts instead before bed I really like “This American Life”. With music I have recently discovered Jorja Smith I’m enjoying her voice, and Leisure’s album is my go to at the moment for summer vibes.

What is your favourite thing about where you live?

The Sea! I'm lucky to live very close to the sea, so I get to see how its' colours change everyday, it’s just such a cool wild and stoney beach. Haumoana is a really relaxed quiet community and everything you need is here.

Place you are happiest?

At home with my pup, swimming in the sea or just being around my family.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Whatever you do, be kind.

Interview and photography by Olivia Renouf.