Sylvester Sessions #73

Pamela wears Gingham skirt.

Pamela wears Gingham skirt.

Pamela Ramos

Los Angeles, United States

Where are you from? Where do you live now?

I’m from Oaxaca, Mexico and currently live in Los Angeles.

Tell us about what you do.

I’m an artist. Currently, I’m interested in photography and image making functions. I love the medium because it has so much potential and it’s so young compared to other forms of art making. I see my work as dealing with a lot with distribution and hierarchy of objects. The images I make I think are very nostalgic and trying to represent certain instances where I forget I’m in Los Angeles and I feel like I’m back home. I also love reading and listening to music so I’ve tried writing and making music but that’s a little rusty.

What subject matter interests you?

Such a hard question! I think that whatever my answer is right now it will always change, maybe next year or a week from now. I think right now my favourite subject matter is photography. I don’t necessarily take images of cameras or of people taking photos, but I see my images as being aestheticized and having a conversation with documentary image making. I’m very interested in class and how it affects one’s understanding of image making, as well as the social impact an image can have.

Describe your approach to fashion.

I always want to look like I’m about to meet Daniel Johnston.

Interview and photography by Alexandra Cabral.