Sylvester Sessions #81

Annabel wears Combat shirt & Combat short.

Annabel wears Combat shirt & Combat short.

Annabel Liddell

Auckland, New Zealand

What do you do?

I play music in a band called Miss June, and I'm also a 5th year Medical Student!

Why did you decide to study medicine?

I'm not sure that I can give a short answer here. This is actually the big question they ask you in your interview for med school. It's the great divider, the weeder-outer of applicants. I think a lot of people try to give an ultimately altruistic answer. I guess I never really decided as such to be a doctor. I started in Biomedical Science with the goals of getting into Tech and Biomedical Engineering because I liked physics and math. But friends in my class told me I should apply for medicine because one year of Biomed counts as pre-med and I had nothing to lose. So I did and I got in, I remember the feeling of sheer panic when I realized what a commitment I had made by accepting my place but I also felt the magnetism of possibilities. So I told the interviewers the same thing that I'll tell you; I never intended to do medicine, it just started to happen and it happened quickly. Because I am and have always been completely fascinated with human beings. Our anatomy, biology and psychology as a species, our potential and our downfalls.

Who or what inspires you?

My mother, my grandmother and my Tipuna Wahine!

Tell us about some projects or plans you have for the future.

I am so excited for this year! Miss June is working really hard on new recordings and I truly feel so proud and excited to release the songs, make visuals and tour. I'm also going to London in September for 6 weeks to work with an incredible consultant Dr Shane Duffy, who has developed ground-breaking fistula surgery and obstructed labour training programs for doctors in Uganda which is changing the lives of thousands woman and babies.

What are you currently reading/listening to/ watching?

I was gifted M Train by Patti Smith for Christmas so I'm currently reading that, and I'm listening to lots of King Woman!

What is your favourite thing about living in Auckland?

The fact you can drive for 30-40 minutes and be in some of the most beautiful bush in the world.

Place you are happiest?

I only have cheesy answers like when I'm on stage or in an operating theatre.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

"Don't ever not do something because it's hard." Courtesy of my incredible step-father and told to me repetitively as a child, a teenager and anytime I start to self-doubt.

Interview and photography by Olivia Renouf.