Sylvester Sessions #83

Rachel & Mamiko wear Motocross polo top.

Rachel & Mamiko wear Motocross polo top.

Rachel & Mamiko 

Rappers, Chelmico 
Tokyo, Japan

How would you describe your music?

RACHEL: Cheerful.
MAMIKO: Upbeat.

How did you get into rap music?

RACHEL: I called for her.
MAMIKO: Rachel asked me to rap together.

Can you tell us about what inspired your upcoming EP and what themes you are exploring?

RACHEL: I don't think we were inspired by something special, but we have themes for each song. And I think I got better that the 1st album. I want to write a lot of songs as I feel.
MAMIKO: Inspired by nothing special. But this EP has themes for each song. It's different from our 1st album.

What do you enjoy about the music scene in Tokyo? Is the local industry supportive of female artists?

RACHEL: I feel music scene in Tokyo has a sense of unity and raise up together. I got a lot of encouragement from other artists around us. And it's very supportive. There are fun people who love music in Tokyo. They aren't not supporting only female artists but also all types of artists.
MAMIKO: I check artists whom people paying attention to and we're going to be the same live event.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

RACHEL: I'm listening to every kind of music that people tell me. Spotify is so convenient.
MAMIKO: I'm listening to MOONCHILD and my friends' album lately.

What have you read or watched lately that has inspired you?

RACHEL: I'm inspired a lot by David Lynch's movies. Lately, I've watched TWIN PEAKS again.
MAMIKO: I went to Thailand for our music video shooting. The views inspired a lot, I want to make songs by making use of the inspiration.

What do you like to wear while you are performing?

RACHEL: Lately, white T-shirts and denims. It's okay to sweat.
MAMIKO: White T-shirts and denims.

Interview and photography by Greta van der Star.

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