Sylvester Sessions #86

Amelia wears Tiger bomber & Stripey top.

Amelia wears Tiger bomber & Stripey top.

Amelia Murray

Musician, Fazerdaze
Auckland, New Zealand

You've just been on tour in Europe with the release of your first album, where was your favourite place to play, and what comforts do you take with you on tour?

It would probably be a toss up between Paris and Bournemouth. Paris was great because it's was beautiful and warm and we managed to have 3 or 4 days off there (which is so rare on tour). We played an awesome little festival called The French Escape and so many people showed up early to see us. And then Bournemouth was kind of the opposite; we played this tiny wild show in a dive bar. The guys that organised it got on stage at the end and gave us a huge cake with our faces on it to celebrate my album coming out. There was lots of crowd surfing and a mosh pit.

My tour comforts are headphones, a notebook to write in, running shoes, books and my band mates... the band seem to make everything funny and enjoyable even when we're all tired and sleeping at weird hours.

Listening to your album feels like sitting in the sun, where were you and what were you thinking about when writing the music?

Mostly in Auckland. I wrote and recorded it between various flats I was living in. The majority of it I wrote in this one dark room at the top of a house which would overheat like crazy. I remember feeling pretty lost but the album became a way for me to stay focused and productive. It was pretty lonely and isolating making it but it has ultimately connected me to more people than I could have ever imagined.

What's going to be on your summer playlist this year?

I’ve been really getting into NZ artist LIPS at the moment.. she's amazing. So her, as well as Gareth Thomas and Merk. They all make really colourful, clever indie pop music. I'm also really excited for the new King Krule record.

Any other projects you've been working on lately?

I have a new band lineup so have mostly been busy getting tour ready again. It's been a lot of work.. auditioning, teaching and arranging the parts with everyone, working on tones etc. Otherwise, i have just been doing bits of writing and demoing for my next body of work in between the shows.

Interview & photography by Greta van der Star.
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