Dulce et Decorum etc

Dulce et Decorum etc

Dulce et Decorum etc

Dulce et Decorum etc was written by New Zealand poet Hera Lindsay Bird.
The poem was inspired by the spirit of the Kate Sylvester ‘Exploding Woman’ collection and we think it is completely glorious.


Dulce et Decorum etc


I can never have just one of anything

Prizes, sunsets, salted peanuts

Orgasms, ice-cubes, cowboy hats

Crocodile keychains, glasses of champagne.

I sit like a crackpot in my bunker

Stockpiling beauty for the end of the world

Well top me up sweetheart

Who cares if I’m drunk!

And aren’t two moons better than one?


I can never have just one of anything

Epiphanies, Agonies, Enemies, Love

Even death in it’s singularity seems miserly

On a day like today, pink & white blossoms ravaging the footpath

Like God were a dog got into the tampon bin

O someone call the make a wish foundation I’m dying

My heart like a Cadillac with the roof down

And the sky flashing past


I can never have one of anything

Without wanting everything.

If attachment is the root of all suffering – so what?

I’m attached to my suffering too

Not to mention everyone else's

I run through the graveyard on my way to work

Flipping off headstones

Those great aristocrats of death

Hoarding oblivion

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