Sylvester Sessions #104

Sylvester Sessions #104

Sylvester Sessions #104

Darya Bing

Stylist & Textile Designer
Auckland, New Zealand
Darya wears our Quilted Vest & Checks Dress

It’s a strange, unsettling time for the world right now, how are you feeling and what are some of the daily rituals that are bringing you a sense of calm?

I have started asking myself “ what part of normal am I letting go today”? I think putting our normal expectations on hold for a little while is wise.

Trying to be everything to everyone in the first few days, didn’t quite work out… Things worked much better when we allowed space and compassion to take over.

This situation is temporary and might have some challenging outcomes, but like many generations before us, we will get through this and must stay optimistic.

As far as daily rituals, Get some sun, work in the garden, dance with kids, make great food, read, paint, plan how to do things differently when this is over.

When we stop being so busy looking out and depending on reactions and feedback, we can discover the beauty and nuances of looking in.

It's been a long hot summer! What are the moments you look forward to as the days get cooler?

I wish it was a little longer… Its gone too soon! I look forward to deeper sleep, walks on our local beach and feijoas.

You have a background in fashion, and recently launched your own art project, Walker & Bing, making wearable pieces. What are your earliest memories of being drawn to textiles?

My good friend Nikki Walker and I have a real love for art and the ability to apply it to so many different platforms and disciplines. We chose Textile design to start with.

One of my earliest memories are the appreciation of bead work and embroidery on my mother’s special dresses, also the way a fabric can create a sensation on your body and therefore affect your emotions.

What are you reading/watching/listening to at the moment?

I'm reading “The power of habit” by  Charles Duhigg which explores the science behind habit creation and reformation.

Im listening to some great lectures by Gabor Mate about childhood development and some podcasts by Ester Perel about human relationships.

Any words of wisdom that resonated with you recently?

Yes, a wonderful quote by the late artist Ulay - 

“ You can be without solid food for 40 days,   
you can be without water for four days,
you can be without air for four minutes,
but you can be only four seconds without impressions… that's why art is so important”

What books do you return to, or prescribe to others?

I always find new direction and interpretation in “The Prophet” By Kahlil Gibran. Winnie the pooh is also a favourite.


Photography by Greta Van Der Star.

Check out Darya here.

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