Sylvester Sessions #107

Sylvester Sessions #107

Sylvester Sessions #107

Taylah Kereama

London, United Kingdom
Taylah wears pieces from Longing SS21


Where are you from and where you currently live?

I was born in Australia but I am half Māori, so I say I'm from Australia and New Zealand. Currently I'm based in London.


What do you do/occupation?

I am a full time model.


What are the moments you look forward to as the days get warmer?

Coming home! I love summer but summer in London is not the same. I love the beach and BBQs, both of which aren't really a thing in central London, so I look forward to spending more time with friends and family, eating some good food and enjoying the warm weather when I come home. 


How would you describe your personal style and what influences what you choose to wear?

Because I move to different countries for work, I often can't take a whole lot of clothes with me. This just means that the clothes I do have are usually 'off duty' model looks which is just a lot of black. I'd also say the city I'm in really influences my style. My London style is quite chic and you can get away with being more daring with the outfits you wear. When I'm in Australia and New Zealand, my style is a lot more relaxed but at the end of the day I always wear whatever makes me feel confident.


What are you reading/watching/listening to at the moment?

I've been re-editing a book I wrote when I was younger so I've been reading that on repeat for the last 6 months. I'm a huge movie fan so I couldn't even start listing all the movies and shows I've been watching because it'd go on forever; I will binge watch a series in a day easily. In terms of music, I think I may have the  most random playlist ever of just a mix of unknown artists, pop, rock to Bridgerton the musical lol, and I'll just listen to that on repeat until I get bored. My top 3 favourite songs right now though are, NDA- Billie Eilish, Don't let me down- The Chainsmokers (Illenium remix) and Lastlings cover of Love on the brain for Like a Version.


Do you have any secret escape portals in the internet for procrastinating?

Buzzfeed quizzes. They are so pointless and yet I love them. Also, on Youtube I have a few channels I follow that I weirdly love and even I don't know why because they in no way have anything to do with my life hahah! 


Any words of wisdom that resonated with you recently?

If you're having a hard time eat gelato. Life is always better when you have gelato.


What is your take on daily rituals? Do you have any?

I think daily rituals are beneficial for some people and probably would be for me too, but I'm just a bit lazy with that stuff to be honest. I think the only daily ritual I have outside the realm of basic self-care is that I'll have a matcha and dose and co collagen every day. I'm obsessed. 


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