1. Kate Sylvester

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    For Autumn Winter 2019 Kate Sylvester pays homage to Frances Hodgkins, painter and pioneer. Celebrated in both New Zealand and abroad, Frances was highly contemporary and innovative, inspired by the new with a constantly evolving style. 

    A woman of firsts, Frances was the first New Zealander to have her work hung ‘on the line’ at the Royal Academy of Arts, the first woman to teach at the prestigious Colarossi academy in Paris and she was chosen to represent Britain at the Venice Biennale. 

    Frances was experimental, influential and thoroughly modern.

    Kate Sylvester was given the opportunity to develop some of Frances’s textile prints by Te Papa Tongarewa. Inspired by Hodgkins’ career and her artistic evolution, Kate reinterprets the prints into a contemporary context for the modern audience, staying true to the spirit of Frances.

    The resulting collection is a riot of print and colour with these four sophisticated, energetic prints at its centre.

  2. Kate Sylvester: Frances  — Dorothy Dress, Modernist Rose Scarf
    Dorothy Dress
    Modernist Rose Scarf
  3. Kate Sylvester: Frances  — Edith Dress, Cubist Scarf, Snakeskin Boots
    Edith Dress
    Cubist Scarf
    Snakeskin Boots
  4. Kate Sylvester: Frances  — Madaline Dress
    Madaline Dress
  5. Kate Sylvester: Frances  — Dale Top, Modernist Rose Scarf, Joni Flares
    Dale Top
    Modernist Rose Scarf
    Joni Flares
  6. Kate Sylvester: Frances  — Leila Slip, Cara Polo, Cubist Scarf, Snakeskin Boots
    Cara Polo
    Cubist Scarf
    Snakeskin Boots
  7. Kate Sylvester: Frances  — Quilla Shirt, Wynne Skirt, Modernist Rose Scarf
    Quilla Shirt
    Wynne Skirt
    Modernist Rose Scarf
  8. Kate Sylvester: Frances  — Jean Shirt, Nina Skirt, Cubist Scarf
    Nina Skirt
    Cubist Scarf
  9. Kate Sylvester: Frances  — Lynn Bra, Lorna Knickers, Honor Coat, Snakeskin Pumps
    Honor Coat
    Snakeskin Pumps
  10. Kate Sylvester: Frances  — Lee Cami, Quentin Trouser, Cubist Scarf, Judith Jacket
    Quentin Trouser
    Cubist Scarf
    Judith Jacket
  11. Kate Sylvester: Frances  — Pearl Dress, Snakeskin Pumps
    Pearl Dress
    Snakeskin Pumps
  12. Kate Sylvester: Frances  — Sido Top, Faye Trouser, Rosebud Scarf
    Rosebud Scarf
  13. Kate Sylvester: Frances  — Katherine Dress, Cara Polo
    Cara Polo