1. Sylvester

    In Store Now

    Kate’s naughty little sister is counting down ‘til the Dance Hall opens for the evening.

    She’s waiting for her gang of Les Rockers to arrive, buttoned up in her orange trench coat and posing moodily with her guitar by the front door.

    When the Dance Hall’s doors open she’s straight on the floor, twisting to The Beatles in her palms brocade dress, bomber slung over one shoulder. Rolling Stones and Otis Redding are blasting loud on the record player and she’s spinning, jerking and dragging… perfecting her Frug in a Batik printed shift dress.

    A camera snaps her dance moves as she’s grooving to Boubacar Traore’s ‘Mali Twist’ in her Florette jumpsuit, joyful and excited, as she swings side to side.

    As the night fades away and the Dance Hall closes up, she walks home with the beat drumming in her ears.
    She’s humming
    Get up, (get on up)
    Get up, (get on up)
    Get up, (get on up)
    Get up, (get on up)
    as the sun begins to creep into the sky.

  2. Sylvester: Dancehall — Broderie Dress, Dancehall Bucket Hat
    Broderie Dress
    Dancehall Bucket Hat
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  4. Sylvester: Dancehall — Leopard Cardigan, Leopard Top, Dancehall Flares
  5. Sylvester: Dancehall — Diamond Top, Chambray Trouser
  6. Sylvester: Dancehall — Leopard Dress, Rugby Long Sleeve, Dancehall Bucket Hat
  7. Sylvester: Dancehall — Dotty Knit Top, Chambray Skirt
    Dotty Knit Top
  8. Sylvester: Dancehall — Chambray Dress
  9. Sylvester: Dancehall — Chevron Dress, Dancehall Trench
  10. Sylvester: Dancehall — Rugby Long Sleeve, Chambray Skirt, Dancehall Bucket Hat
  11. Sylvester: Dancehall — Tiled Dress, Rugby Long Sleeve
  12. Sylvester: Dancehall — Diamond Dress, Dancehall Flares, Dancehall Bucket Hat
    Dancehall Flares
    Dancehall Bucket Hat
  13. Sylvester: Dancehall — Dancehall Trench, Dancehall Flares, Dancehall Bucket Hat
  14. Sylvester: Dancehall — Diamond Shirt, Chevron Swimsuit, Chevron Skirt