1. Sylvester
    Lost Highway

    In Store Now

    Kate’s naughty little sister is hitting the highway. Radio loud, windows down, she’s humming along to Neil Young in her cosy emerald plaid coat.

    Feeling the breeze through her fingers she speeds along straight highways, windswept hair and rosy cheeked in her T-Rex knitted sweater.

    She’s strolling streets lined with faded buildings in a slouchy candy pink trench, matching strawberry ice-cream dripping in her hand.

    She’s running through meadows in her striped velvet flares, lazily daydreaming through the afternoon in a sea of orange and gold flowers.

    As the sun fades away she’s dancing in a ghost town whiskey bar in her pink spotty maxi dress, spinning as it billows around her toes.

    When the sun comes up she’s on the road again, the light rising up ahead of her as she’s destined for the coast.

  2. Sylvester: Lost Highway — Plaid Coat
    Plaid Coat
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  4. Sylvester: Lost Highway — Checkers Dress, Snakeskin Boots, Sparkly Socks
    Snakeskin Boots
    Sparkly Socks
  5. Sylvester: Lost Highway — Checkers Top, Dimity Top, Chambray Skirt, Snakeskin Pumps
    Dimity Top
    Chambray Skirt
    Snakeskin Pumps
  6. Sylvester: Lost Highway — Broderie Top, Shell Trackies, Dotty Socks, Snakeskin Pumps
    Broderie Top
    Shell Trackies
    Dotty Socks
    Snakeskin Pumps
  7. Sylvester: Lost Highway — Carnival Top, Tracksuit Jacket, Tracksuit Pants
    Carnival Top
    Tracksuit Jacket
    Tracksuit Pants
  8. Sylvester: Lost Highway — Speedy Dress
    Speedy Dress
  9. Sylvester: Lost Highway — Botanicals Dress, Plaid Coat
    Botanicals Dress
    Plaid Coat
  10. Sylvester: Lost Highway — Carnival Sundress, Julia Sunglasses
    Carnival Sundress
    Julia Sunglasses
  11. Sylvester: Lost Highway — Tracksuit Jacket, Broderie Top, Sparkly Skirt
    Tracksuit Jacket
    Broderie Top
    Sparkly Skirt
  12. Sylvester: Lost Highway — Checkers Smock, Chambray Trouser, Snakeskin Pump
    Chambray Trouser
    Snakeskin Pump
  13. Sylvester: Lost Highway — Botanicals T-shirt
    Botanicals T-shirt
  14. Sylvester: Lost Highway — Broderie Dress
    Broderie Dress