Our Environment

Our Environment

We believe in mindful, careful consumption. In reducing waste, taking care of the environment and working with like-minded businesses we respect. We recognise the importance of protecting the environment and are aiming to minimise the impact of work practices carried out by the company wherever possible.


Kate Sylvester values a mindful, considered approach to garment production. Our clothing embodies a modern yet timeless aesthetic, created from premium materials and is designed for a lifetime, not a season.

Kate Sylvester offers a complimentary repairs service on any garment from any time or season. Pop into your closest Kate Sylvester store and our team will talk you through your options.

We value our customers and the integrity of our product. Help us do our part to minimise the volume of garments that end up in landfill each year and extend the life of the Kate Sylvester garments you love.

Minor Repairs include:

  • Lining repairs
  • Missing Buttons
  • Seam stitching – hems or top stitching
  • Binding repair
  • Broken Zips
  • Reattaching labels
  • Reinforcing seams

We cannot repair:

  • Holes
  • Fabric Flaws
  • Pills / Pulls
  • Marked / Stained Items

This service applies to Kate Sylvester clothing only, excludes footwear and accessories. Please ensure your item is cleaned prior to bringing into store.

If you have any questions please contact katie@katesylvester.com or pop into your local Kate Sylvester store.

Please email contact@katesylvester.com if you would like any fabric scraps for your project.


In April 2021, Kate Sylvester released our first Upcyling capsule collection, taking past season dead stock or flawed garments and reimagining them into completely new items. This was a completely creative project for Kate and the team, fringed blouses become evening bags, two event dresses were combined to become one, yoryu was smocked and turned a billowy two-piece, full skirts became lean dresses and much more. The project has been such a creative, rewarding way to keep Kate Sylvester clothing in use for longer. It was a way to turn damaged and dead stock into beautiful one off garments and allowed us to think really creatively to give these garments a new lease of life.


Reuse, Re-purpose and Recycle are key practices for our waste policy at Kate Sylvester. We reuse any excess fabrics for toiling samples for upcoming seasons, or donate fabric to fashion technology interns and school projects. We have invested in Style CAD, an in-house technology that allows us to improve fabric yields by mapping how a garment will be cut into the fabric and generate the minimum fabric waste.

We work with local industry projects to re-purpose any fabric scraps we have left over. This year we have participated in a project with local primary schools, donating fabric off-cuts and scraps to be made into beeswax food wraps and reusable shopping bags. If you would like fabric scraps for your project, please contact us at community@katesylvester.com.


Kate Sylvester takes a mindful approach when choosing key design elements for our stores. FSC sustainable plantation grown timber is a key element of our fit outs. We use recycled brass accents which get better age and wear and we support local craftsman to custom build our furniture and fixtures.

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