Sylvester Sessions #95

Sylvester Sessions #95

Rosie wears Dimity top and Chambray trousers

Sylvester Sessions #95

Rosie Herdman

Writer & Fashion Assistant at Viva Magazine   
New Zealand   
Rosie wears Dimity top and Chambray trousers

What are you looking forward to in 2019?

Last year was a pretty massive year for me in terms of growth and learning, so I'm looking forward to hopefully putting all that into practice, learning from my mistakes and also finding better ways to switch off and take time for myself.  My partner and I will also be moving into a new apartment around July, so that's pretty exciting! 

Hopefully a proper holiday at some point…  And lastly I'm looking forward to another year at Viva; there are lots of fun things on the horizon.

You have a beautiful sensibility when it comes to clothing and styling, what informs your practice when developing ideas for shoots?

That's so kind, thank you! I am still learning a lot and have a long way to go in my eyes, but something I've learned from my colleague and fashion team buddy Dan Ahwa is that just putting pretty clothes together with no forethought or story behind them doesn't really work - it'll be one dimensional and not cohesive. So, looking for cool inspiration and themes to tie in is usually the goal.  I'm also always looking at other publications, past and present, the internet and Instagram for inspiration and ways to do things a bit differently.

What would you say inspires how you dress? And what are your goals in terms of feel and function?

My everyday battle is swinging between wanting to blend in, and wanting to wear something that makes a statement. I often get stuck in this trap of not wanting to seem too dressed up or too out-there, like I’ve tried ‘too hard’ or something, but whenever I push my own boundaries I always get good feedback and don't regret it.

Having said that, I (like most people) am all about ease and being comfortable, so I have a pretty sizeable stack of t-shirts which I'll pair with some cool pants or a skirt. I really like natural fabrics - I just can't do the sweaty synthetic fabric thing anymore! Silks, linens and cottons are so nice to wear, and better for the environment too which is important to me.

What is the best thing about winter?

The best thing about winter is you can be a hermit and no one will judge you. Also, eating delicious hearty food in the name of insulation.

You spend a bit of time cultivating and baking bread, tell us about these rituals and what it means to cook and share food that you make.

I’m a little obsessed with the bread thing, I’ve been watching loads of nerdy YouTube videos on achieving the perfect crust, ha ha. After learning how to make it (shout out to Lois for teaching me!) I was surprised by how easy it is – just flour and water. It’s the time it takes to make it that turns the process into a labour of love, and for me it’s nice to dedicate a good amount of time tending to one activity, as I seldom do that otherwise. Sharing the fruits of my labour with friends will always be satisfying, and I’m lucky to have friends that appreciate and love good food too. The next thing I want to try making is sourdough pizza…

What are you currently reading / watching / listening to?

I just finished Educated by Tara Westover, a pretty insane true story written by a woman who grew up in Idaho to fundamentalist Mormon parents who don't believe in school or doctors, and she then goes to Cambridge and Harvard University and gets her PHD. So yeah, I have no excuse for my lack of university degree.

I'm also in a book club and we're meant to be reading Milkman so that will be my next one.

I’m dedicating any downtime to reading at the moment so haven't been watching anything, but I am desperate to see Roma.

I quite like that kind of aggressive new Grimes song featuring Hana, and have been revisiting some old Flying Nun favourites like The Chills and The Bats. Also Mile High by James Blake, I'm obsessed!

What books do you return to or prescribe to others? 

I’m more of a novel-reader rather than non-fiction, but I was recently given Salt Fat Acid Heat and already it's proved to be so helpful and inspiring. I'd thoroughly recommend it and the Netflix show too, and know I'll be returning to it again and again.  

Interview & photography by Greta van der Star.          
Check out Rosie here.

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